When we were young…

Believe it or not, this cute little tiny space used to be a huge old auto glass garage.

I thought it might be fun to share with you a few of the steps along the way to where we are today. It was a very long journey but every single day I am grateful for it.

This is before we started our construction. The doors in the right of the picture are the ones that are beautifully refinished and carefully placed in the center of the bakery now. Our dear friend Michael Troyer removed all of the hardware and glass, stripped off 90 years of paint and dirt, sanded them down, stained them, and rehung them in the center of our bakery. We are so grateful to have been able to preserve these lovely pieces of “art”.



This is basically standing in the back of the kitchen looking forward toward the front door. The original design of the front windows was preserved, thankfully. The glass was replaced by double pained glass for better energy efficiency. The skylight is new, too. We love being able to work in natural light in the morning before we open.






Our contractor, Shawn, hard at work sawcutting into the floor to lay all the pipes and drains.








The framing for the walls going up






Our good friend, “Hobart” on the day he was delivered. All shiny and new. He still looks like that, too! He gets cleaned an polished every day!





Our custom built sink with lots of room for sheet pans and BIG mixing bowls.






That’s it for now. It is fun for us to see where we have been. More photos to come.


Thanks for helping us realize our dream!


~Lisa and Peter


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