Coming soon….GREENER cupcakes


In our ongoing effort to have a smaller environmental footprint, we are making a few changes here.

We already recycle everything we can, use biodegradable non aerosol cleaners, and use zipcar for deliveries whenever possible.

Coming soon, we will have a new biodegradable cupcake container. It is made form corn and very cool looking too! They will be replacing the “sundae cups” that we currently use to package a single jumbo cupcake. They will be phased in over the next week or so.

Also, we are working on a composting program along with the Tear Drop Lounge around the corner. We, and they, produce waste from fresh fruits and such so we decided together to make good use of it and start working with the City of Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development on a program to compost this waste. This program costs slightly more than our regular garbage pick up but it’s worth it! 

Our composting program is a multi-step process that includes staff training, additional waste containers, set up with our garbage hauler, and a few other changes. We anticipate this process will be complete by the end of June at the latest. 

A few other changes, we are making in these lighter and warmer days of summer to conserve:

We are closely monitoring the oven temperatures and turning them on “just in time” to bake. In other words, we are shortening our warm up times to conserve energy.

We have an awesome skylight that shines open to the front and back of the bakery. We are taking advantage of that natural light in the morning and not turning on lights until we absolutely have to on sunny days.

These may be small steps but we continue to try to do our part to be better citizens of the planet.

To learn about composting for your home:

To learn about composting for your business:

See you at the “greener” bakery soon!



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