Furever Friends

Two years ago we fell in love with Brinkley, the scared, shaking pile of sweet fur and kisses that is now our lovely boy. He was at the Humane Society and had been there for a couple of weeks. Before that he had been in another shelter in Central Oregon for over a month and before that we was a stray. A sad case, no doubt.

We gave him a chance and we have been grateful to the Humane Society ever since. They didn’t give up on him and we are so happy that we found him. Today he is a happy, playful, energetic dog who greets us at the door each night with love and affection. He loves to swim, chase ducks and squirrels, and wrestle with other big dogs. He is the light of our life!

We want to more dogs like Brinkley to have a chance too. That’s why we agreed to be a part of this amazing new project by Alicia Dickerson of Four Legged Photo (www.fourleggedphoto.com)

She has beautifully photographed “The Great 8”; the eight dogs who have been at the Humane Society the longest and their sweet faces now adorn the walls at Cupcake Jones. If you are considering getting a dog, please consider adopting one who might otherwise not have a chance. Before you go to a breeder, check the Humane Society website. They often have purebred dogs as well as mutts like ours. You might just fall in love with one you never could have imagined.

Alicia’s work is lovely and she is doing this because she has a story like ours. 

Here are a few of the portraits when they were waiting to be hung.

The process….never as easy as it looks!

We are so happy to have been asked to participate in this project to help these beautiful canines find a forever home. Stop in the bakery to read their stories or check out one of these websites to learn more:



New photos will arrive each month so be sure to check them out! We hope that each month they all get adopted so we will have new puppy faces to look at!

I gotta go snuggle with Brinkley…..



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