4th of July

YES, we are open on the 4th of July!

We may close a little early though. We want to see the fireworks too!

Drop in before your BBQ, Fireworks Extravaganza, or Party and pick up a dozen or two.

Also, as usual our 6 packs are on sale for Happy Hour Friday (pay for 5 Jumbos and the 6th is free). We have some fun and refreshing flavors to choose from!

Please call ahead if you can. It helps up plan our day. If you decide to drop in at the last minute that’s cool too. We’ll do our best to keep up!

Here are our flavors for July 4th:

The Pearl (all vanilla)

Downtown Cupcake Brown (all chocolate)

Strawberry Lemonade (lemon cake with strawberry filling, lemon icing, strawberry drizzle and a lemon chip)

Margarita (lemon and lime through and through)

Mimosa (orange and champagne flavor with a fresh strawberry “floating” on top)

Pina Colada (a delicious combination of coconut and pineapple and whipped cream)


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