We’re not worthy!

We were seen today on the video blog for Portland Center Stage (THANKS Rose!) as it is apparently a tradition to eat a cupcake before each reading at JAW.

See the video here: http://www.pcs.org/blog/live-from-jaw-installment-two/

Rose is eating a Downtown Cupcake Brown! mmmmm…….. and I think I saw a White Chocolate Marionberry and a Coconut Lemon, too!

What is JAW? Read Here: http://www.pcs.org/blog/what-is-jaw/

Then go to a reading this weekend! I am trying like crazy to get to Storm Large’s first reading of her debut show “Crazy Enough” this weekend. If I can squeeze it in between wedding deliveries and events and apparently supplying cupcakes to the Portland Center Stage staff!

THANKS PCS! We love having you as our neighbors!

~Lisa and Peter


3 thoughts on “We’re not worthy!

  1. i bet if you come bearing cupcakery, you’ll get seated front and center!! cupcakes could become the new currency. though potentially messier than actual monies….

  2. I went, I saw, I laughed, I sang along, I cried.

    Thank you Storm for an incredible experience. Thanks to Marc and Floyd as well. You are too too too kind!

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