Twilight Criterium

Cri*te*ri*um (krI’-tir-E-&m), noun [Latin]: 
A bicycle street race. Competitors must complete the most laps in a set period of time. Very fast.

This Friday night, bring the family down and enjoy the Twilight Criterium; an amazing up close and personal experience of watching some of the fastest bicycle riders in the country. You can literally feel the wind as they race by. It’s awesome!

It takes place a block away from here and there is food, drinks, (a beer garden!), and exhibitors from 4pm on and the bike races start at 6:15.

Everett street closes at 6pm (and some of the side streets close earlier) so plan your trip to see us by allowing a little extra time.

Come on down and make an evening of it.

What could be more fun that eating cupcakes while watching super athletic people ride bikes really fast?


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