Camp Starlight

Many years ago, I met the first of many people in my life living with AIDS. This disease has touched our lives in so many ways that Peter and I have always felt compelled to be involved in AIDS related causes. 

For the last couple of years, for my birthday we asked our friends and family not to buy gifts but to donate time or money to CAP (Cascade AIDS Project). I was captain of an AIDS Walk Team for 5 years. When we started the bakery, we decided that whenever we had the opportunity to help out CAP, we would.

So when the incomparable, illustrious Poison Waters called and asked if we would sponsor a birthday party for Camp Starlight this summer, we jumped at the chance. 

What’s Camp Starlight, you may be asking?

(from their website:)

Camp Starlight is a week-long residential camp that provides children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS the opportunity to enjoy a caring, safe, recreational, spiritual and fun camping experience. Every August since 1999, 65 children ages 5-17 travel to the Oregon Coast to enjoy a week of fun. Camp activities range from arts and crafts, canoeing, swimming, music, carnival, and nature walks, to a sleep-out under the stars. Having fun and developing friendships continues to be the focus of Camp Starlight, but it has now made a subtle shift toward addressing HIV/AIDS and the role it plays in the children’s lives. Sixty-five carefully screened volunteers create the environment, serving as supporters, mentors, and role models for the campers.

So, I’m sure you can see why we want to be involved!

We got here nice and early this morning and baked custom cupcakes for them with yellow and blue stars on top.

They turned out so cute and 165 kids and adults at camp today got a chance to celebrate the amazing work that Camp Starlight has been doing for 10 years.



~Lisa and Peter


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