a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

The hardest part of having a bakery that changes the menu as much as we so is that every month we have to try new creations. OK, so I am kidding! The test baking is the best! The employees practically fight to work on the days we are trying new things. This month was particularly fun.

We usually reserve our first look at the monthly menu for all of the people who get our newsletter (you can sign up on our website) but to tempt you into signing up for our newsletter, here is an early copy of the menu. You can get the menu before anyone else each month by signing up!

The theme for September is “After School Snacks” since it’s back to school time. 

Fun favorites like Chocolate Fluffernutter and Cinnamon Bun are back and we have some new stuff too. New introductions include Apples ‘n Pears (what sounds like a healthy after school snack is actually a spice cake filled with fruit and topped with cream cheese icing…YUM!). Another new one that we are all super excited about it rice crispie treat! If you’ve never had marshmallow buttercream frosting, you have to try this cupcake. It is AMAZING!

So there you have it…after school snacks you can enjoy any time of day!

ENJOY and see you at the bakery!
~Lisa and Peter


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