and two to go….

Yesterday was a banner day at CJ. We had our biggest wedding to day to date and it went off without a hitch….kinda

Everything in the bakery was perfect. We were well prepared, on time, well staffed, and REALLY busy anyway because of the sidewalk sale and art in the pearl.

We baked, iced, decorated, cooled (for transport), and boxed up all the cupcakes for the first three weddings:

Then we loaded the car for the first three stops:

and were on or way.

We love mapquest and use it all the time but today, it was NOT our friend. For all three stops, we were directed down a closed road. After traversing the countryside for a few extra minutes we arrived and set up the first:

 Found a detour to the second:

Cut through the closed road to the third (we weren’t the only ones):

Then loaded the car again for the fourth and final of the day. A very big wedding with a gorgeous tent set up for the cake:


We have two more today and then summer wedding season is officially over! Well, we do have a bunch more weddings in September but not quite the magnitude that it has been all summer long.

A sincere thank you to all our wonderful staff for your hard work and great attitudes through it all! Yesterday was A LOT of fun!

Another gigantic thank you to all the couples we worked with this year on your weddings and commitment celebrations. It was so much fun getting to know you all just a little bit. We truly appreciate your choosing us to help you celebrate your big day! 


See you at the bakery!

~Lisa and Peter


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