We Made the Pledge

Today, we made the pledge to “save more, matter more” with PGE.

If you own or manage a business, please consider making the pledge with us.

Businesses form all over the Portland area are pledging to make a difference in their energy consumption this year and are saying it publicly. It’s a way to hold ourselves accountable to you, our customers!

Here is our pledge:

“Cupcake Jones will leave off all unnecessary lights and use natural light, provided by skylights, whenever possible. We will also use the minimum amount of warm up time necessary for our ovens and turn them off at all times that they are not in use. We will also power off all office equipment when not in use and at the end of the day.”

Join us, either as an individual, family, or business to reduce your energy consumption. No need to pledge it out loud if you don’t want to….as long as we all do what we can, we can have a big impact!


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