Now that the collective election hangover has subsided and we are all looking beyond November 4th on our calendars again, it’s time to talk about Thanksgiving! I am so excited to have a day where the bakery is quiet and we can totally relax. Being open 7 days a week is tough so when one of only three of Cupcake Jones “closed” holidays comes along, we celebrate it!

Last year we learned that a lot of you would stop in on your way to your family get togethers and pick up cupcakes for the holiday. We want to give you an incentive to let us know in advance that you will be stopping in, if possible. This will help us plan immensely.

So, the day before Thanksgiving we have a treat in store for you! Call in your order by Monday November 24th for pick up on Wednesday November 26th, and you will receive a free Jumbo when you pick up your order as your reward for planning ahead! Just ask for it when you order or pick up your cupcakes. We can take orders over the phone or in person so do whatever is easiest for you!

We wrote our menu this month with that day in mind. One of our most popular and delicious cupcakes on Wednesdays this month is our Candied Yam cupcake. It will blow your mind! The cake is made with yams blended with delicious spices, the filling is our homemade marshmallow cream, the icing is brown sugar buttercream and the garnish on top is toasted marshmallows. We’re pulling out the blow torch again to toast the marshmallows up individually just for you!

So give us a call or stop in to place that Thanksgiving order and be sure to mention your free Jumbo.

We’re here for YOU!

~Lisa and Peter and the CJ Crew


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