Cold and getting colder



Winter is upon us! 

All the more reason for you to get out in it…..safely.

Here’s why…

Last year, when there was a threat of snow, the news and other media scared us all into hermit mode. We hunkered down, stocked up on groceries, and settled into the couch with a movie. All the while every small business in town is wondering what the hubbub was about. The snow never came. And neither did the customers.

In these uncertain economic times, it is even more important to get out and support your favorite local businesses.  Now, we aren’t suggesting that you hop in your car and drive across town in dangerous weather conditions for a cupcake. What we are hoping is that if you are able, you bundle up, go for a walk in the cold, and enjoy your neighborhood. Buy a hot tea at the local coffee shop, go shopping in your neighborhood boutiques, go out to eat at the corner diner. 

You will certainly be greeted with the warmest smiles, the best service, and maybe a little extra holiday cheer and appreciation by those of us who open our doors on the coldest of days in hopes that you will come and see us and say ‘hello’.

Monday will be extra cold but we are most certainly still celebrating National Cupcake Day. Come on by. You might get your cupcakes for free! Every 15th purchase is on us. Plus to beat the cold on Monday we will have free hot chocolate and hot apple cider, too.

Stop in, warm up, and get some cupcake treats to take home and enjoy with that movie.

Be safe!

~Lisa and Peter


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