WE ARE OPEN and Half Off Special!


Cupcakes don’t know when it’s snowing so….

We intend to keep regular hours this week through all of the ice and snow. As long as trimet is running, someone will most likely be here to fulfill your cupcake needs.

As your reward for loyal blog readership we are offering

half off on gift certificates and t-shirts

today and tomorrow (see fine print below). We know you don’t want to go out gift shopping, and we don’t blame you! Call us, order by phone, and we will ship them to you or to your loved ones for free. We can even include a personal note from you if you’d like.

THANKS so much to all of you who keep coming in even in the snow and for your support of local businesses!

Be careful out there!

~Lisa, Peter, and the cold c0ld cupcake crew

the fine print: this offer applies to all t-shirt purchases and to gift certificates valued up to $36 (one dozen jumbos) for a maximum discount of $18 per certificate. Shipping is free. Multiple certificate purchases by one person ARE allowed. This offer is available in person or by phone on Wednesday 12/17 and Thursday 12/18, 2008. Refunds on past certificate purchases are not allowed. When redeemed, these half off gift certificates may not be combined.

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