Luck o’ the Irish Cupcakes

It’s almost here! St. Patrick’s Day is this Tuesday, March 17th!

Now many of you know that we are NOT Irish (actually, Peter is mostly Norwegian and I am Native American and German) but we love beer so, I guess like many people, we love this holiday too! And, we’ve been to Ireland so that counts for something, right?

We will be celebrating at Cupcake Jones with a couple of really fun Irish themed cupcakes. One is our Bailey’s Cake. The cake is made with chocolate and Irish Cream. The filling and icing are Irish cream, too. It is delicious!

The second is our Thin Mint cupcake. This one takes some really cool explaining. We use our very popular sour cream fudge cake to start. Then we make these really yummy homemade mint sandwich cookies and we grind them up and put them in pastry cream for the filling. Then we grind up more and put them in buttercream for the icing. Finally, we put a one of the mint sandwich cookies on top of the cupcake, too. It is so minty and good!

Every year we have people call and ask for green cupcakes. We try to stay true to our commitment to avoid artificial color in our cupcakes so we hope that these Irish-ish cupcakes will satisfy your St. Patty’s Day desires. 

So, call ahead and place your order for fastest service and we’ll be happy to help you celebrate!

See you at the bakery!

~Lisa, Peter and the Baking Leprechauns!


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