April Menu

Yay! April starts tomorrow and I am super psyched about our menu. The theme this month is our favorite cookies and candies. 

The staff favorite is the Samoa Cupcake. Modeled after the delicious Samoa cookies that the cute little girls sell you outside of Safeway and Albertsons, it is a delectable combination of coconut, caramel and chocolate in a caramel velvet cake. To-Die-For!

Another fave, Turtle Cheesecake is a combo of pecans, caramel, chocolate and CHEESECAKE ICING! Have you had our cheesecake icing? OMG! See you Saturday for that one.

Finally, our Easter specials, available every Sunday this month, are Jelly Bean and Almond Joy. Yum Yummity Yum.

And our everyday special, in honor of the Easter Bunny is “What’s Up Doc?” – Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. You’ve probably heard me say that this is the same recipe for the carrot cake that we had at our wedding. Developed by my brother-in-law it is straight up de-lish. No nuts, no raisins, no coconut. Just carrots and yummy spices. You can get as many as you want any day of the week!

See you all soon! Come on in and give something new a try.



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