Benefit Days

We support the community that supports us!

As a small business owner who loves to give cupcakes and money away whenever we can, one of the hardest things is to say no to any of the dozens of requests for donations that we get every week. Some weeks we can get as many as a hundred requests! We’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to say yes to all but we just can’t!

We also feel like we want to do MORE for the organizations we can support. Something meaningful that can been seen and measured. Something that can benefit the organization even more than the amount that a gift certificate can fetch at an auction.

So we came up with an idea that can benefit non-profits even more!

They’re called CJ Benefit Days. Every Tuesday at Cupcake Jones (CJ), we will donate 5% of our sales that day to a selected non-profit {501(c)3 only}. We will select the beneficiaries each month from the organizations who ask us for donations the month before. Non-profits can also request being included in the drawing by writing us a letter to be received by the last day of the month. 

Our hope is that the selected beneficiaries/non-profits will encourage their stakeholders, members, board, staff, volunteers, and anyone else who supports them to come in and get cupcakes on “their” day.

We will be drawing our first beneficiaries tomorrow and will post them on our blog, facebook, website, and in the store. If you want to support any of the selected organizations, please stop in on “their” Tuesday. Or come in (or call to place an order – those count, too!) EVERY Tuesday knowing that your purchase supports an organization that is doing good things in your community! 

Thanks for your support! 

~Lisa, Peter, and the generous crew at Cupcake Jones


2 thoughts on “Benefit Days

    • You are welcome, Corina.

      If you know of any non-profits you’d like to support, encourage them to ask to be in the monthly drawing.


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