ANNOUNCING Our New and Improved benefit program called “Benefit Months”!

Your purchases any day, all the time, without exception will help us contribute to a lucky local non profit.

We will donate a portion of all sales to a new non profit organization each month. We have found that this gives us an opportunity to do more for each organization we work with and we can get creative with ways to work together throughout the month! It’s truly a WIN-WIN and very FUN! Often the Benefit Month coincides with the organization’s annual gala or a big fundraiser so we can get the word out even more.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Please read the frequently asked questions below and if you need more information, shoot us an email.

Who can apply to be a beneficiary?

Beneficiaries must be a 501(c)3 non profit organization. We select the beneficiaries for each year by the end of November the previous year by a panel of volunteer judges. Applications are due November 20th each year. We give preference to local non profits but local affiliates of national and international organizations will certainly be considered.

How can we apply to be a beneficiary?

To apply, send an email from your nonprofit .org email address to say that you’d like a Benefit Month Application. We’ll email it right out to you!

Can I nominate a non profit that I volunteer with?

Technically, no. You can encourage a non profit to apply, though! We need the request to come directly from an employee of the non profit.

How much might the donation be?

That’s all up to you! We have given many non profits over $500 for their monthly donation. The success of the benefit month truly lies in the hands of the non profit organization and how well they publicize it, market it, have fun with it, spread the word, and work it. We also include extra perks like free use of our party space and more…

How will our Benefit Month be promoted?

We promote all beneficiaries equally throughout each month on facebook and twitter as well as in the bakery. The non profit organization can have a spot on our counter for literature and we post the non profit’s name on our chalkboard right at the cash register so all our customers can see who they are helping this month!

We’ll work with you to discover many ways we can creatively help you reach out to your fans.

Check out this earlier blog post for a quick and easy promo video one beneficiary made for their Benefit Month!

How can I get more information?

Just send an email to and we’ll get right back to ya’.

Thanks for your interest in our Benefit Month Program. We are so grateful to be able to support the community that supports us! That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? We think so….

~Lisa, Peter and the Cupcake Jones Guardian Angels


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