Yup…we have vegan cupcakes!

Our vegan friends love cupcakes too. So we bake vegan cupcakes fresh all day everyday.

We spent months perfecting these recipes to make certain that they taste just as sweet and delicious as all of our other flavors. We use the highest quality ingredients possible and all ingredients are certified vegan. Even the flour and sugar!

To make them taste delicious and still ensure that the cupcakes are vegan we make a few substitutions. Some examples include:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Soy Cream Cheese
  • Earth Balance Butter Substitute
  • Coconut Yogurt
  • Vegan Sugar & Flour

Our vegan cupcakes come in 3 flavors! Chocolate, Vanilla, and of course, RED VELVET;  yummy cupcakes that you can feel good about eating!

You can tell our vegan cupcakes from our regular ones by the cute little vegan chocolate cutouts on top in three shapes, stars, hearts and circles. They’re dusted with shimmery edible lustre dust, too! Pretty…..!

Our bakers are all smiles when they make these dreamy cupcakes!



Benefit Days are now BENEFIT MONTHS!

PLEASE JOIN US IN CELEBRATING the return of our “Benefit Program”!

New and improved because it lasts all month now! Your purchases any day, all the time, without exception will help us contribute to a lucky local non profit.

We will donate  a portion of all sales to a new non profit organization each month.

The FIRST BENEFICIARY in our new program is (…..drumroll please….) our great friends at PHAME ACADEMY!

That’s right! All your Cupcake Jones purchases in the month of June will benefit PHAME ACADEMY! What is PHAME? It’s a fine and performing arts academy for adults with developmental disabilities. And it’s AWESOME!

June 23-24, 2012 PHAME’s performing arts students present “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. We dropped by their rehearsal on Saturday and surprised the students with some sweet inspiration as well as an announcement about our benefit month for them. Check out a quick video of our announcement (AND their reaction!) and learn more about PHAME here.

Check out our June menu to plan ahead….Remember that phone orders, wedding orders, pre orders and walk in customers all count. So plan those parties, preorder for your office, drop in for treats for that meeting, book that wedding (even if it’s in 2013!). Any and all revenue in June qualifies.

Want to know more about PHAME? Check out their website.

See you at the bakery and thank you to all our friends and customers who make it possible for us to give.

~Lisa, Peter, and everyone at Cupcake Jones


So, usually this time of year we start focusing on the holidays since weddings are slowing down a bit for us but NOT THIS YEAR! It seems that the hot new time to get married is October and November. Whew, we are baking those wedding cupcakes like crazy this weekend!

Wanna see a few recent weddings we have done this summer? With trusty iPhone in hand, we snapped a few shots over the last few weeks. Every wedding is very different, as you can see….

Also, if you are planning a wedding, check out this awesome article about avoiding common errors in planning your wedding. We think you should just focus on having fun and enjoying your day!

Did you know we will visit with you and your fiance to chat about our wedding services for free? No obligation! Call us and we’ll set up a visit @ 503-222-4404.


Benefit Day Tuesday 12/22/09 for “Our House” of Portland

Every Tuesday, Cupcake Jones donates 5% of our total sales to a different local non profit organization. This week our beneficiary is an organization that is very near and dear to our hearts, Our House of Portland.

Since 1988, Our House has been a residential care facility that provides services for people with HIV/AIDS.  Residents work with skilled professionals in nursing, social work and occupational therapy. 

At Our House, some residents regain their health and become independent enough to be discharged.  Others remain at Our House for continued intensive services, maintenance services or palliative care. 

    * Resident capacity: 14
    * 24 Hour Skilled Nursing Services
    * Intensive HIV/AIDS Clinical Services
    * On site Social Work and Occupational Therapy services

Cupcake Jones is a long time supporter of Our House and we are so excited to support them with a Benefit Day.

All day long, every cupcake purchased and every order placed for the future will count toward the donation. You can help by planning your holiday purchases, placing orders for Christmas, Solstice, New Year’s Eve, or any celebrations! Even upcoming birthdays.

It’s quick and easy, give us a call. Peruse our mouth watering menu HERE before you call us at 503-222-4404.

Thanks for supporting “Our House” and Cupcake Jones all year long.


~Lisa, Peter, and the Cupcake Jones Crew

Benefit Day Tuesday benefiting Metropolitan Family Service


Every Tuesday Cupcake Jones donates 5% of our sales to a different non profit organization. 

This week, our beneficiary is “Metropolitan Family Service“.

Here is a bit about them from their web site:

In the post-World War II era, United Way recommended that a non-sectarian family counseling social service agency be established in Portland, Oregon. In 1950 Metropolitan Family Service — then Family Counseling Service — opened its doors 
in response to that recommendation and local area social concerns.

Over the last century Metropolitan Family Service has moved from a single service agency to an agency that provides multiple distinct, but related services that meet the ever-changing needs of the community. Today those services help children succeed, strengthen families and their connections to community, and help older adults live independently.

Our staff of 260 — most of whom work part time — shares our commitment to professionalism and excellence with 1,400 skilled and caring volunteers who contribute 173,000 hours in the Portland, Oregon tri-county area. Metropolitan Family Service makes connections that strengthen the lives of 37,000 low-income individuals and families each year. We provide services at more than 145 sites, including nearly 70 schools.”

We think their work is wonderful! Here’s how you can help them:

Call and place an order on Tuesday for pick up ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE. Pay for your order on the benefit day and it will count toward our donation. Our number is 503-222-4404 and our menu is online here.

Here is the BEST way to help….
Need cupcakes for any Holidays, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years? Call the order in on Tuesday and it will count toward the donation!

Pick up cupcakes for yourself, your friends, your home, your office. 

Every cupcake sold on Tuesday helps.

We hope to see or hear from you Tuesday November 10th to help “Metropolitan Family Service